redmotion: Building1 Closeup composite

08 April 2010

Building1 Closeup composite

A bit of remodelling to an old scene and using a new pass based image creation technique. This is a low res compositing test image.

A selection of passes below:

'Original render size:1920x1080 (render times for passes)

'wallclock 0:00:56.54 for rendering
'AO <- may try baking this with higher settings (using second unique UVs projection for animation)
'wallclock 0:07:09.58 for rendering
'wallclock 0:02:31.26 for computing finalgather points <- (will be pregenerated for animation)
'wallclock 0:04:08.25 for rendering
'wallclock 0:02:21.31 for rendering
'0:03:27.49 for rendering
'wallclock 0:00:28.69 for rendering
'wallclock 0:00:16.28 for rendering
'white matte
'wallclock 0:00:37.99 for rendering
'glass <- The main bottleneck!
'wallclock 0:26:03.71 for rendering
'with bump res increased wallclock 0:50:34.96 for rendering (probably should lower)


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