redmotion: October 2010

13 October 2010

ViewCube fun!

It seems that the viewcube is going down with the Softimage community better than expected! Apparently, you can even re skin it. Borg is courtesy of Rob Wuijster. Weighted companion cube by
Gerbrand Nel, I believe (please comment if this is incorrect.)

Viewcube textures are stored in the install directory (Application/AutoCam/Textures).

07 October 2010

nDo - normal map creation without leaving Photoshop

Teddy Bergsman has posted a tutorial at Philip Klevestav's website about how to use a Photoshop plugin called nDo here.

Information and download link for nDo can be found here.

Why does it stand out amongst the numerous normal map creation softwares? It allow creations of normal maps in Photoshop. This approach could be a game changer for normal map workflow. I still can't believe photoshop can't do this natively...

Craft Rig by Tiago Beijoco

I think I missed this one when Tiago Beijoco posted about it on Si-community (in January). It's a very sweet, customizable rig. It works similarly to the Auto-Rig built into Softimage but sports extra features like stretchy limbs and spine. You choose the numbers of elements required for each part of the rig and then a script builds it for you.

You can download directly from here or check out his website for a video about it.