redmotion: October 2011

06 October 2011

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Farewell Steve. RIP.

04 October 2011

ndo2 public beta

The awesome normal map generating Photoshop plugin has just entered public beta for version 2.

Quixel's website is here.

Thread a CGTalk with a direct download link to the beta can be found here.

02 October 2011

The Ürban PAD ShareIt! Special ends tonight!

Gamr7 are currently doing an Ürban PAD ShareIt! Special. For two weeks, they are offering their Ürban PAD modeling suite for just $29 (normally $700). Unlocking this offer depends on enough people buying enough copies at the discounted rate to send the counter to the end before October 3rd, a similar scheme to that recently done by the makers of Messiah. If they reach their goal, everyone will receive a copy of Ürban PAD at this special one-time price.

Ürban PAD is a smart modeler for creating 3D buildings and cities. Ürban PAD has been used to build cities in next-generation game production pipelines, game prototypes , industrial simulations, and architectural visualization.

With Ürban PAD, you can:
  • Create lots of buildings fast and sell them online.
  • Make them look great with the top-notch texturing system or enhance them with Allegorithmic’s Substances (10 free Substances included).
  • Fire up the city generator and build entire city scapes
  • Export your buildings or city to your favorite game engine (UDK/Unity 3D) or 3D software (Autodesk Suite).
Today is the last day this offer is running and there are a barely more than a few pixels width of sales remaining to be made on their promotion counter.

So please, help make this a bargain purchase!