redmotion: August 2009

29 August 2009

Architectural modeling tools

Archtools for Softimage demostration from Jason Wells on Vimeo.

V2 released

Fixed Polygon Cam (new) - create a view perpendicular to an arbitary polygon

Draw and size Cube, Box, Cylinder, Sphere, Cone, etc standard primitives in viewport

-transform tools-
4 point rotate
2 point transform
3 point scale
mirror about 2 points (new)
align objects by 2 polygons (new)
align object - polygon to edge (new)
aligh object to polygon (new)

Limitations: these do not work correctly on enveloped meshes unfortunately.

-measuring property-
Apply to scene root and measure distances - automatically converted to scales like mm, cm.

Download from here

02 August 2009

New Archviz Website

Just set up a new Archviz website. I've tried to keep it simple.

You can find it here.