redmotion: May 2009

24 May 2009

Environment Art Portfolio site now up!

I've got my game art portfolio up online now - check it out here: link

I have extensive experience using Valve's source engine and some experience using the cryengine2 and unreal3 engines  (the image above is taken from the cryengine2 sandbox editor).

(If you can't view the portfolio site for any reason, please let me know. Thanks.)

12 May 2009

Cloudwright plug-in Open Alpha

This great new plug-in has arrived as an open alpha from You can download the installer from here:

What's really cool is the realtime preview from the standalone app is available in the XSI viewport by choosing the Cloudwright_directx 9 option from viewport "realtime shaders" menu. This makes previewing the overal look of the final effect amazingly fast, allowing instant feedback on most of the cloud generation parameters.