redmotion: January 2010 - Softimage & stuff

24 January 2010

January 2010 - Softimage & stuff

Yep. Another year has started! Seemed to start a little slowly but its seems to be gathering pace now. Notable things that appeared end of last year and this year are (in no particular order):-

Monophyl - A very good new blog, full of interesting stuff including lots Softimage/ICE info and links. (Including links to all the studios currently using XSI)

Six Birds Rigging Tools -  Helge Mathee and co @ Six Birds Productions have released some excellent rigging tools in the form of a new python plugin. Includes fully features springs, new stretchy IK bones and other such delights!

LEAP - A short film by Dan Gaud - another talented XSI guy who does everything including directing, photography, production, special FX and colour grading. Direct link to movie here.

Redi-vivus - recently came back online with new tutorials for download. Unfortunately, the download and online sections are down at the moment but it should be back soon.

Tessendorf Ocean Waves - plugin got an update - awesome FREE ICE plugin that does spectacular ocean surfaces. If you're computer is up to it, of course!

Procedural City Engine Video - This has buildings generated procedurally INSIDE as well as outside. Finally someone could remake Damocles for the 21st Century or Elite for that matter.

EDIT: Alive - Creature Rigging Solution for XSI - Hot off the press - a custom character rigging solution plug in has just been posted by MerlinDigitalArt. His blog will be in the bloglist further down this page.

As for me, I started working back at my old employer and I'm storming on with prop art for the Black Mesa Source mod Which, although we had to announce that it wasn't coming out at the end of 2009, it's still going strong, don't have any doubt about that. Our announcement made the usual websites like Kotaku and some more unexpected ones like Wired magazines vaporware 2009 awards! (It got 4th place which we thought was REALLY cool.)

We also recently upgraded the website and it now has a new wiki and a new main website. Also, check out the fun at the lively Black mesa forums.

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