redmotion: Happy 10th! Black Mesa Media Release Nov'08

20 November 2008

Happy 10th! Black Mesa Media Release Nov'08

First things first - happy 10th birthday Half Life!

Been a pretty heated 3 weeks working towards this media release, although there wasn't much need for new prop art for these shots, just some UV mapping and skinning. Some of my own work goes public for the first time in these shots.

It's been a pretty successful release and we've received a lot of attention on forums and on a couple of websites, Kotaku being the most notable -  Google "black mesa media release 12".

Prop Art by me appeared in these Nov'08 media release shots:-

Cactus furthest away (modelling/texturing)

Green Electric Equipment behind fencing to left (remake of CS:S prop) (modelling/texturing)

Electric Transformers beneath tram platform (texturing - two diffuse maps - one visible)

Impeller pumps in area beneath rocks directly left of the tower (torus shaped items) (texturing - 3 diffuse maps/one normal map, minor modelling tweaks to fit in with other props)

Rusty Pipes (top centre - some modelling and texturing)

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