redmotion: June 2009

09 June 2009

New IES Light plugin

wombat778 is currently letting people test his new IES light plugin for Softimage at xsibase here.

I've not tried it yet but it looks promising.

New Softimage Community Forum

Since Autodesk's "The Area" took over from the SI community website, it seems that people are pretty unhappy about using the site - it is, afterall, pretty horrible to look at and a nightmare to navigate.

Anyway, while I think it was initially established as a backlash to "The Area", a new Softimage Community forum is now thriving. It's simple and easy to use (like the old one) and it can be found here:

It seems to be thriving already. Sign up! It needs the support!

I've posted my dxf importer plug-in here for download in the Download > Plugins area:

07 June 2009

dxf importer plugin now at The Area

Due to the sad assimilation of community.softimage into the Autodesk discussion boards, I've re- uploaded the dxf importer addons to their downloads section here.