redmotion: March 2007

31 March 2007

FG & Architectural materials

This is a quick post of an arch-viz test render using Softimage XSI v6.01 and mental ray 3.5. It features hi-res textures from Arroway, the mental ray Architectural materials, zbump, physical sky and physical sun shaders and the new FG mode, multiframe (30 rays, 50 points, 0 max radius). Render time was around 20 mins with a image size of 1000x675. Some of the shadows still remain blotchy in places at these low FG settings, but it is a huge leap forward from the previous version (3.4) in terms of set up time. A little bit of post-processing was done in photoshop.

have now released a bug-fix release of XSI v6 - v6.01. It seems more stable but i've only been using it for a few hours.