redmotion: November 2006

07 November 2006

2 point perspective in Softimage XSI

I'd thought that this wasn't possible. But on sunday morning, I had the urge to post a request for info about 2-point perspective using XSI. Then I changed my mind and decided to see if I could work it out myself. Within about 20 mins I had the solution. I've posted it at XSI base.


Ctrl studio are at it again. They tweaked and updated their Ctrl.buffers plugin which features, among other things, "tone mapping".
This technique easily brings Mental Ray into the same quality of lighting as other renderers like V-ray and Maxwell. (The attached image was created in Softimage XSI - but NOT by me, I hasten to add. :) )
You can find the v2.0 beta shaders at along with some brilliant videos detailing how to use it. It's not exactly new news but I only just found it, so here it is...

06 November 2006

Physical Sky addon released for Softimage XSI

A physical sky shader, originally developed for Maya has been ported over to Softimage XSI. Initial impressions are promising. Especially if I can fix the problems with the Sunpath XSI addon, I think these two addons would complement each other nicely.

Get it here.

4th Place for The Grand Machines

The Grand Machines demo wins 4th place in the Ageia Physx/Dark Physics software compo.
Download the demo here.